New! Chukar Bird At MasiranFarm

Recently I've acquire 2 pairs of Chukar bird (aka Chukar Partridge) from a friend. this bird habitat is quite similar to quail and its size is three times larger than adult quail. At MasiranFarm, I place them together with the Budgies in a hut or large bird cage. It can live peacefully with the Budgies and at the same time eat the their leftovers. Its own food is black bran.Next are some pictures taken at MasiranFarm.

A pair of Chukar at the corner of bird cage. Observe its feathers

Two pairs of Chukar

For more information, please watch the clip included...

MasiranFarm Farming Areas

Picture below (please click for larger view) shows part of farming area where the majority of livestock such as geese, turkeys, guinea fowls, chickens, ducks, goats and other animals roam. And in the pond lives the cat fish, snakehead fish, tilapia fish and marbled goby fish... but its not for commercial use but just a personal interest.

Bald Country Chicken

There are several species of country chicken at Masiranfarm. Among them is bald country chicken. Bald means its neck have no feathers. Its the hybrid of female bearded chicken (have no neck feathers) with the original male country chicken. The purpose is to ensure the next species can endure being hit by rain. And now it is the hybrid of fifth generation.

Male bald country chicken breed

A picture of part of bald country chicken species

Next clip will explain more about this chicken species... Happy watching

Peacock At MasiranFarm

A lot of people have asked me about peacocks. The truth is, its really hard to fulfill the demands on this bird. At MasiranFarm... even though my young peacocks haven't matured yet there are a long line of buyers in my waiting list. Until I had been fortunate to keep few pairs to breed.

Next shown the behaviors of few young peacocks in captivity with young guinea fowl and turkey... Happy watching...

White Guinea Fowl

At Masiranfarm there's a pair of guinea fowl with white feathers... uncommonly appeared among ordinary Guinea Fowl. I'm trying to breed this species. And now I have few growing chicks...

The guinea fowl in question.

Please watch the clip below to see the difference between white guinea fowl and black guinea fowl and also a few chicks at the end of the clip...


Geese Bathing And Mating

Rare event occur at MasiranFarm in June 2009, hundreds geese bath happily and in interval mating activities occurred. And at the same time during that month, the geese doesn't lay eggs at all. It maybe a sign that in the month of June, they didn't lay eggs but kept mating to prepare for laying season next month. It is shown that in early July, the geese started laying. Therefore in July no geese chicks hatch and the demands for them cannot be fulfill.

Next video shows the happiness a flock of geese bathing and mating in the water. This video was recorded 24 June 2009 at 3.30 pm after eating. Enjoy...

A Farmer's Satisfaction When Collecting Eggs

As a farmer, the happy and satisfied moments is when the cultured birds started to lay eggs. A MasiranFarm, various livestock being cultured... geese, turkeys, guinea fowls, chickens and whistling duck are among the birds which always lays eggs when matured. Only when this video was recorded (24 June 2009) hundreds geese at MasiranFarm haven't lay any eggs because its still mating season and the geese were mating as a preparation to lays eggs the next season. (Video clip on mating geese while bathing will be uploaded soon)

In this video clip shown egg collecting activities at various laying places in MasiranFarm surrounding. Although a space had been spared but they still want to choose their own spot. Let's watch...

Awaits The Arrival Of Budgie Bird At MasiranFarm

A new bird species will enliven MasiranFarm. The Budgie bird is what I meant. It also be known as Budgerigar or Parakeet, and it is a small parrot species. Other kinds of birds in Parrot families are the Lovebird, Cockatiel, Macaw and many more. The Budgie sp. can lives span are 8-14 years and sometimes up to 20 years. It is a beautiful bird, having various colors... white, blue, yellow, green and a mixture of each. It's as big as Hook-billed Butbul bird and its voice will brightens this place peacefulness, thus becoming the best pet at home. Below are a few pictures of Budgie bird for viewers enjoyment.

Few Budgies perched while resting

Budgie couple at close up... combination of various colors on its feathers

White Budgie... Its beak is as same shape as Parrot

Another resting Budgie

This Budgie's castle will brightens MasiranFarm

And to know more about Budgie, this video is included which was taken on 24 June 2009 at one of Budgie's breeding farm... Happy watching and stay tune for its arrival at MasiranFarm


The Atmosphere During Meal Time At Masiran Farm

The most exciting moment was when you can see all the animals gathered together at the same time. That situation can only be seen during meal time. Later is a video clip about the atmosphere at MasiranFarm during meal time. This video was taken at about 6.30 pm soon after the rain had stop. Enjoy...

Tips On Taking Care Of Young Goose

I've received a lot of calls from fellow farmers who asked me on how to take care of geese chicks. To make things easier for this blog visitors, the video clip shows a little tips on how to take care of these young geese. Happy watching...

PS: The video is in Malay language

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